Hello my name is Mackenzie i'm 19 years old.I was diagnosed with scleroderma,raynauds phenomenon,and ra when i was 15.I didn't really know what to think about it at first i went for a lot of tests and surgeries and experimental things like that but nothing has helped. I have been on all kinds of medication, have had an arteriogram, a spinalcord sympathectomy, a thoracic-sympathectomy which they deflated one of my lungs and cut the nerves on the front of my spine I was in ICU for 2 days, and they did a sympathectomy in my wrist and hand none of which worked!!!My parents have spent over 30,000 out of their pocket to try to fix things or just make them better but we have ran out of things to do.My scleroderma hasn't affected my organs that bad i go in every 6 months to have them checked. Its mostly the Raynauds i have ulcers on my fingers year round and have lost a lot of tissue because of them. I was just wondering if anyone has found anything that has helped them deal with this.E-MAIL me if you wanta talk thanks.

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