Hi My name is Michelle I am 42 and I live in NE. I lost the whole tip of my fingertip on my left hand a year ago to the first joint. I have had raynauds for 7 years or so.

When I was a kid I remember my hands and especially feet getting real sweaty for no reason. I did have a mentally abusive and belittling Mother growing up... wanted to die, and I cried a lot. I know stress has a lot to do with this disease. The doctors at Mayo said I have limited scler.

I know I was major stressed about having enough money to pay the bills a year ago - for about 2 yrs I stressed. Had raynauds act up a lot, every stressful thing or cold, even getting ready to go somewhere if I stressed about even being late, etc. I had a sore on my finger from a paper cut from opening envelopes, and then I paper cut it again almost the same spot. Then the sore wouldn't heal 5 months or so. later, I thought it would, prayed over it, had been prayed for, saw doctors about it, believed God would heal it...not a big deal. I was shocked when within 3 days my whole finger tip turned black from not enough circulation to heal, hurt real bad and just died on my finger. I was worried it would continue down my finger, but Thank God it didn't and just took 6 to 7 months and fell off like a scab would while my skin healed and came together under it. Now it looks like I have a short finger.

I still don't know why God allowed me to lose my finger. That hurts the most, cuz I really believed I would be healed. I guess I knew something physically wasn't right, I had Faith and stayed positive... but I never knew it was that bad. Doctors didn't know what to do to help me as they never saw this before. I wish I knew the best medicine to get the best circulation, even now...tell me what is good and works well please. Mayo doctors have since told me that I had some veins that collapsed and were non existant. My right foot has been numb on the right and left side for a while now. I am still praying hard and taking it more seriously now.

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