My name is Preetham and I have been diagnosed with Scleroderma in 1999, although I knew I have been having it from much earlier. At first, I didnít know what scleroderma was exactly. I have been taking complete medical check ups every year to ensure if my organs are functioning properly and by Godís grace, everything is ok. My life has changed completely ever since I knew that thereís no cure for this.

I believe I have localized scleroderma (Morphea - I think). There are thick patches of skin all over my body. Both my hands and stomach are scarred with thick patches of skin. At times it pains but I have coped to live with it. I try very hard to live as a normal person. I am tired of taking medicines daily and I have stopped taking it. I have been told to apply various creams so that the skin becomes soft, and to an extent it has. The name of the cream is Elovera.

Ii have come across this site long back, but only now I have the courage to share my story. My physical appearance and self confidence has taken a back seat. I have red spots on my face. Donít know whether its inflammation. But it keeps coming and going. I am unable to gain weight and look very thin in appearance. I also have a problem with swallowing and cannot eat very fast. Atleast take an hour to eat my food.

I have prayed to God and he gives me the stamina and energy to do my work. I would encourage everybody to submit themselves to the Lord and he would give us the required strength to carry out our work. I work as a research Analyst and am able to do work my work properly like a normal person. Other than my physical appearance, it would be very difficult to find out that I have scleroderma.

I am 25 year right now and although my doctor says that I will not live longer than 35 years, I donít believe him. God has a purpose for our lives. He will never let us down or leave us before our purpose is accomplished. I would love to know your story on how you cope up with scleroderma.

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