I Have Scleroderma

Kate Nance

Kate began the "I Have Scleroderma" website in 1995 when she found a shortage of information and support on the web oriented to the patient.    Her compassion and experience as a nurse, along with her computer knowledge and enthusiasm for the "new" medium of the internet led her to a great vision of the future.   Patients and others involved would now have many options for contact - web pages, newsgroups, chat, forums.  They would be able to learn about the disease in the manner that best suited them, from basic knowledge and helpful hints to clinical research and technical information for professionals. 

Kate's battle with scleroderma ended in January, 1999.   She left behind many others inspired by her vision into creating a true online community of people with scleroderma and their friends, family, and other caregivers.

See Kate's story page here and a profound tribute to her here.

Amie Yaussy

Kate found Amie wandering around online looking for scleroderma information in 1995, shortly after Amie's scleroderma diagnosis, and recruited her into her vision for the future of scleroderma on the net.  Amie had already been active on an arthritis newsgroup, so she proposed and helped establish alt.support.scleroderma. See current postings in the newsgroup here.

Amie took over maintenance of the "I Have Scleroderma" site in April, 1998 and worked through the rest of the year with Kate to develop a new look that would best feature the stories.  Kate also helped her found the Yahoo Scleroderma Support Club, now a Yahoo Group 

Amie's disease, quiet and manageable for 5 years, became more active in 2000, surprising her with kidney involvement in early 2001.  She continues to work very part-time from home, and is very active in the online scleroderma community.

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